Khamis, 8 Disember 2011


Salam, buat semua pembaca,

my blog is actually dedicated to all my students, Form 1 and Form 2 for their ref during scholl holiday n to make them familiar using the technology. So,  it will help me a lot when i'm on my holiday! haha. But, for all readers, takde masalah nak kongsi info kat sini. o.k

Well, I started to think of doing this -"series of Joomla 1.5 tutorials in Bahasa Melayu" when lots of my students failed this course due to their final projects that were sooooooo bad. (i'm not good in teaching i guess, heheh). So, as well as giving them assignments during the holiday, i'm giving them tutorial from the basic things of What is Joomla until FINISH !!.